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Dragonsworn Council is an active, growing, medium-RP guild for World of Warcraft on the US Wyrmrest Accord realm.

Originally founded on Sentinels in 2010, Dragonsworn Council is an active family comprised of mortals and dragons alike that strive to assist and support the various Dragonflights on Azeroth.

We have a longstanding tradition of lasting storylines and regular RP events that involve our entire community, and while "dragon" is the theme of the guild, our storylines don't necessarily always involve them to a significant extent. That said, you won't find any shortage of them around here. ;)

We host the weekly public Wyrmhearth Tavern event in Loch Modan every Saturday at 8:00 PM server time. Stop by and say hi!
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Nightmare Vanquished

by Noelina, 7 days ago

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After being attacked by the corrupted green drake Doranikus, the Dragonsworn managed to hold him for a time before he escaped and took Lyenna Oakenmoon with him into the Emerald Nightmare, but not, it seemed, before severing most of her right leg.

The Council's available members assembled and ventured into the Dream, tracking the pair along twisting paths and deep into the heart of the Nightmare, where Lyenna had been corrupted by its insidious influence. Focused only on vengeance against Elyssandra, she refused to listen to reason, even from her husband and daughter. Meanwhile, other adventurers from across Azeroth assaulted the main forces of the Nightmare, seeking to destroy its maker, Xavius.

Doran appeared from the shadows and tried once again to eradicate the assembled Dragonsworn, but their ferocity forced him to retreat with Lyenna deeper into the Nightmare. As they pursued their quarry, the Council was beset by a tentacled abomination of shadows, which Annalura countered with yet more shadow tentacles. The beast was defeated, and once more Doran and Enna joined the fray.

Though seriously wounded, the Doran refused to give up. Just as it was looking like he would have to be beaten senseless, the unthinkable happened - the Nightmare was lifted. The strike force of noble heroes from Azeroth defeated Xavius in his own domain, and with his death rattle, the all-consuming corruption was cleansed from the Emerald Dream and its denizens.

Kymaea managed to tackle Enna to the ground and keep her out of harms way until the end of the battle, so Council members suffered only minor injuries throughout. Though Enna still ended up short most of a leg, she did bring home a new spider friend!

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The Nightmare Encroaches

by Noelina, 83 days ago

An old enemy in the shape of one vindictive and recently corrupted Faerie Dragon has resurfaced to exact vengeance upon the Dragonsworn, and he's bringing friends.

Answering the call of the Green Dragonflight, the Council managed to close off Nightmare portals around Moonglade and Winterspring, where they encountered Sparklenot, their fey nemesis-turned-Nightmare.

But all is not doom and gloom: Frimble also reappeared to aid the Dragonsworn in closing the portals, and they have made a new ally in the dryad Nielle.

Currently, Green Dragonflight and Council forces are gathering their collective strength and planning their next excursion against the forces of Nightmare.

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Lyenna and Lily rescued - Alice murdered in cold blood

by Noelina, 160 days ago

After several months of arduous searching, the Dragonsworn finally located Lyenna Oakenmoon and her daughter Lily.

They were both found in a demon-infested wing of Baradin Hold, a Legion basecamp that appears to be commanded by none other than Elyssandra Starglaive, former Dragonsworn. The mad sorceress is not only working with the Legion, but seems to have become a demon herself.

In a stunning display of power, she utterly defeated Lilygosa in one-on-one conflict before ordering her minions to murder Alice Oakenmoon, who was captured during the engagement, in front of her family.

Elyssandra then pronounced her war of hatred upon the Dragonsworn Council, but allowed the survivors to leave, making it clear that she will not rest until they all burn.

Injuries among the survivors were few except for Lily, who suffered many severe wounds but with the care of healers is expected to pull through.

Lyenna herself is unable to explain how her eyes turned fel green during her captivity, which has caused many doubts as to whether she is indeed an innocent victim, or if she was somehow working with Elyssandra. Perhaps only time will tell.

In the mean while, the Dragonsworn gather in Thelsamar to recover their strength and mourn the loss of Alice Oakenmoon. Rosalyn has taken her twin's death exceptionally hard, and has been unwilling, or unable, to speak to anyone since.

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