Server Change!

by Leatei, 100 days ago

The time has come that we move our focus away from Sentinels, and on to Wyrmrest Accord. As of now, the guild exists on both realms, and we found an addon to help make our OOC chat channel communicate cross-server as well. If you would like to roll a doppelganger (or other alt!), or server transfer if you wish, anyone of rank Exarch or higher is able to invite to the guild on Wyrmrest. The discord and website remain unchanged. Starting this week (7/16/16) the Wyrmhearth will be held on Wyrmrest at 8pm server time (10pm Sentinel/Tor/Cartel time). Group invites will be available for those who wish to join us from Sentinel/Tor/Cartel.

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Adventure Night Rescheduling!

by Noelina, 128 days ago

Since the dawn of recorded history, Adventure Nights have been held on Wednesdays.

It is said* that Rublestrasza, seeing the need for her newly assmbled Dragonsworn Council to act as a unified whole, consulted the Bronze Dragonflight to determine the best possible time to strike out for adventure. This ideal time, the Bronzes told her, would be Wednesdays at 9pm** server time. And so, glowing in the knowledge that she would attain maximum attendance, Ruby finalized the schedules and set out to lead her people into a glorious era of adventure.
*by me, anyway
**adjusted to present-day timekeeping methods for the sake of sanity

At least, that's how the story goes.

However it was first established, times have changed since the colden days of the Nexus War. People change jobs, locations, schedules, start families, all sorts of things. With our current roster, Wednesdays just aren't accessible to most of us anymore.

With that in mind, we've elected to move Adventure Nights to a different day of the week. Until the end of the Draenor Campaign, we'll be holding Adventures on Sunday evenings, and if that works out well we may make it permanent. If it doesn't work so well, we'll find something else that does.

That said, Wednesday RP nights are not going anywhere!
They're still going to be a fixed time and date for guild RP. If you are able to make it, you should!

Hopefully we'll be able to get back into a schedule that everyone is able to participate in.

See you on Draenor!

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The Forums are Dead, Long Live the Forums!

by Noelina, 139 days ago

Hip-hip, hooray!

After wrestling with Clanwebsites for the last year, we've decided to just up and move the forums again, for the sake of our sanity.
Guild Launch promises to be a much more stable and usable platform going forward, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see how that turns out. With any luck, we'll get many more relatively painless years of service out of this new guild site.

There are a few threads I'm still in the process of moving over, but for all intents and purposes, this forum should now be usable.


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